lördagen den 17:e juli 2010

Stratis Vogiatzis – Inner World

This is part of Stratis Vogiatzis’s photographic work (can you feel the places?).
by Harmoni og Kontrast.

Som words about Stratis Vogiatzis's project;

“Mastic Villages is a series of photographs by Stratis Vogiatzi dedicated to the villages of the Greek island of Chios, which is famous for the production of mastic, a resin obtained from the mastic tree known as the “tears of Chios (…) His photographic journey into the inner world of the Mastic Villages was not only a journey of images, colour and light. It was a journey into his own inner world; a world of memories”

“He was overwhelmed by the energy, peoples’ stories and by the objects’ souls. A meditative aspect was ascribed to the photographic procedure, as he remained in some houses for hours until the right moment for the right “click” arrived.”

tisdagen den 13:e juli 2010

My friendly house & my bohemian mess...

Some small pieces from my home.

I'm trying to understand my camera, but it doesn't work so well!! GUSTAF.... I need your help, becuase I can't remember what you told me to do with the camera settings ;)

söndagen den 11:e juli 2010

My private summer pictures

I have had a great great weekend together with my youngest son Gustaf & my darling Malin! By the way; Gustaf is bassist in a very cool band, named Bleek & Malin is my yoga/healt guru, with her own company 'Din Källa'.