lördag 17 juli 2010

Stratis Vogiatzis – Inner World

This is part of Stratis Vogiatzis’s photographic work (can you feel the places?).
by Harmoni og Kontrast.

Som words about Stratis Vogiatzis's project;

“Mastic Villages is a series of photographs by Stratis Vogiatzi dedicated to the villages of the Greek island of Chios, which is famous for the production of mastic, a resin obtained from the mastic tree known as the “tears of Chios (…) His photographic journey into the inner world of the Mastic Villages was not only a journey of images, colour and light. It was a journey into his own inner world; a world of memories”

“He was overwhelmed by the energy, peoples’ stories and by the objects’ souls. A meditative aspect was ascribed to the photographic procedure, as he remained in some houses for hours until the right moment for the right “click” arrived.”

tisdag 13 juli 2010

My friendly house & my bohemian mess...

Some small pieces from my home.

I'm trying to understand my camera, but it doesn't work so well!! GUSTAF.... I need your help, becuase I can't remember what you told me to do with the camera settings ;)

söndag 11 juli 2010

My private summer pictures

I have had a great great weekend together with my youngest son Gustaf & my darling Malin! By the way; Gustaf is bassist in a very cool band, named Bleek & Malin is my yoga/healt guru, with her own company 'Din Källa'.