lördag 10 oktober 2009

tim walker, the king

Tim Walker, & his amazing fashion photography!

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Ulrica sa...

Cooola bilder!! Ha en fortsatt härlig helg!

helle - sa...

Et uforudsigeligt univers, Agneta.

Sover du....?

GundaM sa...

Takk for trivelig besøk inne hos meg ;)

Wow for noen bilder, stiiiligt:) ha en vakker helg !

Ann Marie sa...

What fun photos! You have such a cute blog.. and I always love it when I stop by!

Thanks for visiting me.. and commenting!
LOVE this song playing on your blog! :)

Dustjacket Attic sa...

Oh I love Tim Walker he looks at things so creatively and does amazing work.

I love your header photo with the gorgeous Karen.

Thank you SO much for your really lovely comments at mine, so pleased you like it. Yours is gorgeous too. :)

Mathilde sa...

WOOWW I really love these pics, so fancy!

lavelle sa...

I love tim walker!

Your blog is full of gorgeous photographs, and the photos of your home on the side bar are lovely


sobinique sa...

Tim Walker really is the king!
I really like your blog! x

Renee sa...

I love the boxes.