lördag 21 november 2009

ballet a'la cade martin

Cade martin brings ballet a new dimension.... love love love!

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Soné sa...

just stumbled into your comment! I just have my mother with me here, and WE LOVE your blog, the music brings you into this fantasy world of yours! I am a new follower my dear, and can't wait for more of your lovely posts! I will become a regular follower now! :)
fantastic images you have on here!

Annie@A View On Design sa...

hello again, always lovin your posts!

I recently received a blog award which requires me to pass on the award, I've chosen your blog for obvious reasons, I'm a big fan!

Check out this post and if you get time, I suggest you do it, because it was actually quite fun!

catchya on the flipside!

Mridula sa...

Such a beautiful set of pictures! And many thanks for your warm comment on my blog. I am traveling for a week to cold UK but would come back for more here once I am back.

Lucie sa...

Thanks so much for the lovely comment...its always nice to have new readers! The pictures you posted are has to be one of my favourite weaknesses!

Much love
Lucie x

Julianna sa...

Hello, you commented in my blog asking permission to use photos, I wanted to let you know that completely fine with me as long as you link back to my blog:)

I love that last picture with the little trees, so inspirational!

helle - sa...

Så fint du får musik, billeder og stemninger til at spille sammen. Love it too!!

Hur mår du?

suzannah sa...

wow, these pictures are all so incredibly charming and beautiful ♥

Alex Ciopata sa...

My blog is full of inspiration?! I think you kidding! :)
Great images on yours! Sometimes I fell like a little ant when I see other people portfolio!
Greetings, light and inspiration be on your side!

charmaine sa...

hello! your blog is just enchanting! i absolutely love it! very beautiful! love your heading too! thanks for your comment.

God Bless,

Anci sa...

Hej !
Jag älskar de här fina och sagolika bilderna :)
Jaså, du gillar inte purjolök till pannkaka ? Konstigt :)


Amelia sa...

Wow - amazing images!



See Me Everywhere sa...

Thanks for stopping by :) These are such amazing photos! What an inspiration!
Looking forward to seeing more of these beauties!


Bhavna sa...

Thanks for dropping by An Indian Summer. Your blog is incredibly lovely! :)

nevin sa...

These images are stunning..