lördag 5 december 2009

Tim Walker

Tim Walker, a magician or a photographer. Anyway, he is simply the best!

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My Castle in Spain sa...

I so his colorful work and so imaginative work !!
Thank you so much for my little prizzie dear Agneta !!!
Have a great week end !!

ps: i love your striped wallpaper and am so envious of you going to Mumbai !


Hi darling, thanks for the comment, have a nice weekend!! I still can't believe that Hedi Slimane's new fashion line Galt is following my blog with blogger! yay!

The Bible of fashion,

Elisa Day sa...

Håller med dig! Han är fantastisk. Vill följa med till Mumbai. Kram

Elisa Day sa...

Fastnade här, lyssnar på Here comes the sun.

muchlove sa...

Hi Agneta, thank you so much for your sweet comment! Of course, you can use any of my pics as long as you link back. Let me know if you do, I'd love to see :)

Have a great weekend

Oranges And Apples sa...

thanks for your comment, lovely blog you have! x

Linda Sue sa...

Tim Walker amazing! You- amazing also- thanks for the beautiful post- always! I am so happy to come to your blog- you make my day!

Brandi sa...

Great photographs. I love the vintage circus feel they have to them. And all the colors! Just brightens my day.

LillaFlisan sa...


Du är en sån goding, vännen!



The Wanderers' Daughter sa...

He always does such fabulous work. What an imagination!!