måndag 18 januari 2010

Pay & Pray

It seems unbearable to see the human suffering and my heart bleeds. Dearest blog friends, tell me, what you have done to help these stricken people. I have donated some money, but I want to do more more more! You can go in here and write a little prayer for the Haitian people, it eases a little bit!

Lots of love from Agneta

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My Castle in Spain sa...

Dearest Agneta,
love love this post !!
i've donated some money too via a French organisation and yes like you, i felt doing some more...My boyfriend and I made a few notebooks to sell on my etsy shop and the sales will go to Haïti. I will make a post about this on wednesday.
I love you for this post !!

ps : hope you feel much better and...i feel bad but actually i think i didn't leave a comment on your son's band...Was about to but just forgot ! or did I ? gosh i'm becoming amnesic !

manon 21 sa...



Linda Sue sa...

This devastation will take years to remedy! Already a tiny country on it's knees...perhpas it will now get the attention it requires to flourish again.
thank you for this post,and for the music!

Yoli sa...

Keep donating money, as little as you might think it is, together is helping. Make sure you use a reputable organization that has been around for many years. Also, for those who can, consider adoption.

LeiaMia sa...

Ja, det är svårt att veta vad man ska göra. Pay and Pray uttrycker det man känner att man kan bidra med...
Gillar Svenska Kyrkans fridfulla bönesida!

Bralliz sa...

Heeej Agneta!
Det är sååå hemskt hur en naturkatasrof kan drabba ett helt land... Och såå många oskyldiga människor...♥help haiti♥

xo alice

Angel.Pearls sa...

Let us pray togehter..Thinking of you..Love//Eva

no47-mia sa...

Här hemma i svea och europa för den delen finns det såå många som har råd att skänka en slant.. Gör det! Jag smsade nu senast till
LIV 72990 Läkare utan gränser bla.. 50 kr.. En fis i rymden kan man tycka.. Men, är vi många blir det mycket så är det ju.. ja, ni vet..

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