fredag 19 februari 2010

Ifra Lahell

Images and text borrowed from 'Inspirational spaces blogg'

"This Fall I went to see a lovely young lady in her home in a sweet little house by the sea in Lahell. She had just had her first baby, and was pottering around the house, while I made some pictures. When she is not doing that, she works as a stylist and runs an interior shop in Oslo. It is so nice to see what she has done on a tiny budget.
Have a look at her very own blog HERE"

6 kommentarer:

mi-rachel sa...

veldig glad i den bloggen der!

Don sa...

Very inviting. Simple clean style.

Design by E sa...

Tack för tipset!! hörs sen kväll..ha skön lördag..kram E

härliga bilder

Cellar Door sa...

Very inspirational, I'll have to check out her blog, especially as we're doing up a room for our baby girl. Thanks! X

red ticking sa...

i truly adore your blog... so amazing... have a lovely weekend xx pam

Vintage Fairy Tales Rebecka sa...

Happy chic, fun and positive!
Have nice weekend Agneta!