lördag 27 mars 2010

Frieda Maria design

FriedaMaria style some absolutely beautiful pictures! It's all very simple, with lots of vintage and natural pieces and I love them!

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Temps perdu sa...

Sensuellt och vackert.
Det lätta och skira gör nästan ont.

Anonym sa...

Candles And close-shot - too good.
Thanks for sharing.

Helt Enkelt sa...

absolut underbara bilder helt i min smak...

ha det gott!!

varma hälsningar

Fruen sa...

The lamen in the first picture was just so cool:) Do you know how it is made? To me it seems as if the vase is covered with three round! extremely attractive:) As always, you have great posts.
Made a valiant effort, for and participate in the drawing of jewelry:) You were right in it, jewelry is something for me.
I'm new in this blog world so things must be put in with teaspoons hi hi
Wish you a good Easter

krys kirkpatrick sa...

Beautiful Pictures. I looked up your profile, I either need to learn to use google translate or could you do in english? You find some amazing things.

LeiaMia sa...

and I love them too!
Och världens slappaste bloggerska är jag just nu, men njuter av dina bilder gör jag likafullt! ;-)

Yoli sa...

More treasures!!! Love this!