måndag 29 mars 2010

Photographer Sölve Sundsbo

"British model and actress Lily Cole is one of those rare beauties that you can easily obsess about. By overemphasize her ethereal features (porcelain skin, red hair and doll-like features) photographer Sølve Sundsbø creates an alienesque, manga looking character, innocent and yet incredible sensual" (text an images from this website)

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Fabulous Finds Gal sa...

Wow!! I wouldn't have known that was Lily Cole! Dang does that want me let me red hair color shine through and stop dying it blonde!!! What amazingly beautiful images. Thank you dear Agneta, my Swedish friend.
Ps. I am Swedish, Irish with a dash of French and American Indian.

pss. I adore the hoops that look like links. I am a hoop girl. xo

Hobo ........ ........ ........ sa...

And the post title matching the colors.
Excellent implementation.

Hannis sa...

Vilken kontrast med det röda håret och det sköra på något sätt.

Nu ska jag släpa mig in i Måndagstempo...
2 liter kaffe borde fixa det!
Ha en skön dag.

Temps perdu sa...

Origami från det japanska ordet oru –vika och kami – papper. Origami är konsten att vika papper. Man skapar tredimensionella objekt genom att vika papper.

den lilla tråd sa...

Så nydelig ♥
god påske til deg!
-Lisa ♥

No.47 Mia sa...

Hej Goding!

Å! Kolla! Underbart hår hon har.. Vackert!
Låten är en av mina favoriter.. Mycket bra!

Tack snälla för din goa kommentar...
Kraaammm Mia

Lovely Home sa...

And all this thanks to the contrast

Yoli sa...

Amazing styling and photography. Makes me glad I am a red head. Now if I could only be that young again!

Tina // Peppar och Vanilj sa...

Vilka bilder! Både vackra och lite läskiga tycker jag på något sä berör.

K R A M // T i n a

Elisa Day sa...

Vilka magiska bilder!

Ann Marie sa...

i'm pretty sure my kids will have this hair...their dad has a fro like this, and their mom has pretty curly has red hair, dad has a red beard. they're destined to have this look! so pretty!

liza sa...

Is that really her hair?! Amazing! Gorgeous photos!!