lördag 6 mars 2010

Love in Vain, by Waldemar and Max

These lovely pictures made me daydream for a while. Waldemar & Max, a swedish duo of poets making me melt!
".....we are two photographers, we do fashion stories together. This is where we collect ideas, inspirations and editorials, people we admire and things we like. Waldemar and Max"

4 kommentarer:

Temps perdu sa...

Vilken underbar värld!
Kram fina Agneta, ha ett skönt skönt skönt veckoslut.

kendalee sa...

So melancholy and evocative! You find such gorgeous photography... It's always a treat to visit. Thank you! :)

Lovely Home sa...

Hi (:
I like pictures done in such a manner of nostalgia and bring peace ...
Have a nice weekend

Anci sa...

Hej !
Jag vill bara önska dig en härlig fortsättning på helgen !